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Let’s connect and have an awesome experience capturing your moments…

We know how difficult it can be to “be yourself” in front of strangers filming you. That is why we are interested in getting to know you, knowing your story and being able to connect. Our hope is that we are not seen as strangers on your wedding day, instead let us be your friends with the camera.

Are you the one?
Will it be your story?


An authentic and genuine film


There is a story that has not been told, a unique, true and genuine event full of moments that will never be repeated. This story will be told in a genuine, authentic and fun way, created especially for you.


We only take few weddings per year because we want to dedicate our time and effort before and after your wedding to your collection. This allows us to create a special and unique film that will make you relive your wedding day.

+1530 402 5306

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