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 Your most important Day…

A wedding must be captured in the best possible way; with all the emotions and events that make a wedding a treasured day, a motivating celebration and an unforgettable experience, and that’s where I come in.


Enjoy your Wedding day...

We know how stressful it can be to plan a wedding; the nerves you get as the day gets closer and the worry of not knowing that everything will be alright. We want you to have a good time, being yourselves, having fun together next to the love of your life and your loved ones while we film your special day in a genuine, authentic and fun way. We want to create a special and unique collection that you can enjoy and have with you all the time to share and remanence those moments when you said, “I do”.

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We care about the technical part of our camera; to make sure everything is captured correctly, and we are also interested in providing you with an excellent service and above all a wonderful experience.


We know how difficult it can be to “be yourself” in front of strangers filming you. That is why we are interested in getting to know you, knowing your story and being able to connect. Our hope is that we are not seen as strangers on your wedding day, instead let us be your friends with the camera.


We want to capture your wedding, in an organic and creative way, without interruptions, so that we can tell your story, not someone else’s, creating something unique and genuine that no one else will have.

Let’s connect and have an awesome experience capturing your moments…

Hello, I'm Isaias

        Since I discovered the cameras, I was struck by the ability to capture time and be able to save memories within a film, it was something that impacted my life. The camera has given me the opportunity to save important moments, meet new friends, travel and have a substantiable living. When I was 12 years old my father bought me my first camcorder, he always wanted me to be an auto mechanic, but he bought me the wrong tool. My father did three actions that have marked the course of my life and work. He gifted me my first video camera, he advised me to be faithful and honest with everyone, and he bragged about me to friends as "one of the best videographers". He never told me this personally, but I was filled with pride and motivation when I was told what he thought of me.


       I am a family man. I have a beautiful wife and four amazing children; three of whom are still too little to carry a camera. Without a doubt, my family motivates me to continue to work and improve every day; to be the best I can be. Two things I really enjoy in my life are dedicating myself to my family and my job as a wedding filmmaker. In my spare time I like to play sports, go for a walk and spend time with my family. I am a fulltime wedding filmmaker; this passion has become my full-time job and I am very happy to be able to dedicate enough time to each wedding I film. I consider that quality is more important than quantity in each wedding story; I hope to give you something special that will last forever.


Isaias Avalos 

Meet Isaias

Wow, wow, wow!!! Very good job isaias, we love our film. Thank you very much!!! I’m going to recommend you to everyone. -Gerardo

The Films

There is a story that has not been told, a unique, true and genuine event full of moments that will never be repeated. This story will be told in a genuine, authentic and fun way, created especially for you. Will it be your story?

the films


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